Ordering in the EU


Due to changes brought about by Brexit there are now some restrictions on sending goods to the EU from the UK that you need to be aware of.


We will now charge zero VAT on orders to the EU. You may need to pay the VAT upon receiving your order, this may vary by country and should be looked into before ordering but is usually charged at 20% and may only apply to orders over €22 in value, depending on the country of delivery.


Consignments with a value of less than €150 (£128.54) subject to exchange rate at the time of the transaction are not subject to any customs fees. If you place an order higher than this threshold you may be subject to customs charges in the country of delivery, these vary by country and should be taken into consideration before ordering if you intend to place an order above €150 (£128.54) subject to exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

Swansea City AFC are not responsible for any customs fees or VAT charges that arise due to any orders placed within the EU or the Rest of the World.